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Sorry, I ate it.

Charles Osworth
7 October 1989
I mostly live in my world. Occasionally I visit yours.

achieving self-actualization, animals, ansel adams, art, attempting to skateboard, autumn, awesome people, bad ideas, baking, beading, being festive, being hyper, being lazy, being loved, being upside down, blacklights, blueberry muffins, books, bubble gum, bubble wrap, bush (the band), cameras, candles, caramel, cherry candy canes, chocolate, classical music, compassion, composting, concepts, conspiracy theories, creating, dancing, deftones, donnie darko, drawing, equality, exploring, feeling cozy, fiber arts, finding excellent random stuff, fishnet stockings, flamingos, food (mmmm...food...), friendly debates, friendship, frolicking, gardening, getting my hair cut, giving gifts, glow-in-the-dark things, guitar, hair dye, hallucinating (if i'm safe), harvesting, hating fox network, hoarding cats, homestar runner, honesty, hugs, hypothetical situations, iced lattes, ideas, inventing words, jay london, johnny the homicidal maniac, knitting, laughing, lawn flamingos, learning, led zeppelin, licking/tasting objects, lindsays house, listening, listing too many interests, making art, metalsmithing, milton from office space, movies, ms paint, music, my computer, naming inanimate objects, nature, nine inch nails, old books, painting, painting my nails, parties, photography, piano, pink floyd, playing stress, popcorn, popsicles, potatoes, radiohead, rainbows, rambling, ranting, reading, receiving mail, recycling, renaming people, rhetoric, robert frost, rolling down hills, running, salad fingers, satisfying noises, sewing/fashion design, shoes, silliness, silver jewelry, skipping, sleeping, snow cones, stephen king, svs, syd barrett, synchronicity, talking to my cats, talking to myself, tasting, techno, the 80s, the daily show, the name jasper, the sun, top hats, touching things, trampolines, trent reznor, vegan cooking, vegetarian cheese, wicca, woolgathering, writing, yelling at telemarketers, zazz crocheting